Shetland Ewes

Here are some of the Shetland ewes we have in our flock at the moment. It's running a little toward the old gals since some of the young ones aren't registered yet.

Insel Lyr Piroschka S23999
Born in 2006 and the mother of many lambs, Piroschka is the oldest of my horned ewes. Her mother, Insel Lyr Novocaine, was my first horned ewe. Piroschka has suffered broken-horn injuries but they seem to have grown back OK. She is a twin ewe and has twinned. Piroschka's pedigree at NASSA site.

Piroschka, Dec. 2014
Insel Lyr Serenity S29942
Serenity is the first horned-ewe daughter I've had out of Piroschka. She's a twin and has lambed 4 times with singles. Born 4/22/2009. Like her mom, she's had broken-horn problems, and recently I had to remove a horn scur that was growing into the side of her face. (Since it was a scur resulting from a broken horn and not a bad horn originally, she does not need to be culled over this.)
Serenity's pedigree at NASSA site.

Serenity, Dec. 2014

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