Monday, September 21, 2009

Farmers' Market in Daggett, Michigan

There is a new Farmers' Market in Daggett, Michigan, which takes place at Fran's Rink and Park in Daggett--- next to the grocery store, which is next to the place where I go to vote.

It started June 18th, and is on Thursday from 4pm until 7 pm. When I went, there were 2 vendors. There were green beans, garlic, and live chickens and rabbits available, among other things.

The web site has information on what vendors were there in June and July but hasn't been updated. Also it does not have information on how to become a vendor at the market. (I'm working up the courage to phone the farmers' market manager for info.

I'm hoping that folks in Menominee Co. will patronize the market and that it will still be there next year--- I'm hoping to participate.

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