Saturday, May 14, 2011

Plowing with Ducks

Forget plowing with horses. My current garden plot was plowed by duck power.

Last year I had my duck and chicken pens all in a row in the front yard. I had some small plastic 'pools' for the ducks to swim in. The ducks did what ducks do to the ground. In fall I moved the pens to fresh ground for the winter.

The old pen area looked like a garden plot this spring, so I took out my Magic Hoe and hoed up a bit. It was just like fine garden soil! So I got busy planting!

In addition to a few garden plants and flowers--- plus a row of Mangel-wurzel beets for stock feed---- I'm starting a small fruit garden. I've bought some yellow raspberries and some blackberries. I also will have some goumi berries--- an Asian berry which has medicinal properties. (Don't confuse goumi/gomi berries with goji berries, another medicinal Asian berry. Goumi berries are self-fertile, while with goji one needs two different varieties to make a crop.)

I've also ordered some strawberry plants (King Kong giant strawberries). So I hope to have some berries for sale this year--- they will be raised 'organic-style'--- no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, but no government 'organic' red tape either.

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