Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ram Lambs for Sale

We currently have the following ram lambs and wether lambs (neutered ram lambs) for sale. They are not registered, but are purebred Shetland:

Ram lambs:

#360--- a twin moorit (brown) ram lamb, $115
#470--- single black krunet (krunet means 'white mark on head') ram lamb, $100

Wether lambs:
#467---- white wether lamb, $70 SOLD!
#450--- black with small horns, $70
#452--- black with larger horns, $70
Located in Menominee, MI. All sales cash only. Contact by phone 906-374-0130. We will also be having some unregistered female Shetland sheep for sale.

Craigslist Ad for these sheep

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