Friday, July 26, 2013

New hatch to commence soon

Ancona ducks

We are collecting eggs to be incubated in our incubator. We will have the following hatchlings in about a month's time if it goes well:

Purebred Ancona ducklings, white with black markings. We are going to be keeping a few to build up the flock but will have some for sale as day-olds at $5.00 each.

Guinea keets (chicks), mostly Pearl Grey color though I do have some other colored Guinea hens. Day-old keets $4.00.

Mixed breed chickens: I have a Swedish Flower rooster with 2 'Ameraucana' hens that lay brown eggs and 2 older Brahma hens. Goodness knows what the children will be like, but I'll have some chicks available at $2.50 each.

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