Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Arapawa Goat line in US

I've received this message from Arapawa goat breeder Al Caldwell:

"We are pleased to announce the birth of twins from sire Yellow Tag, a buck
in David Hughes herd in NZ. Our Dolly kidded a buck and a doe April 9. They
are most lively and handsome. This expands the genetic material in the US
herd from the 6 original founders to 7. It is a step in reducing concerns
over inbreeding.

Last Fall John Truelson and I organized the artificial insemination of the
semen imported in 2005. Several efforts to artificially breed the goats had
been unsuccessful over the years. We are encouraged by this bit of success.

There have been a total of 15 kids dropped on our farm this Spring. I hope
others are adding to their herds. Unlike previous years, there are 8
doelings and 7 bucks in the mix. I hope others are adding to their herds.
The conservation of the breed needs more holders and larger herds."

Congratulations to Al Caldwell (and Dolly the goat) on their blessed event.

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