Friday, May 1, 2009

Take Care of the Flock, and the Flock will Take Care of You

Recently I joined an internet something-or-other called 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. The first day's task was to write an 'elevator pitch' for your blog. That is, to explain your blog briefly enough that you could explain it to someone in the course of an elevator ride.

What I came up with is this: 'Take care of the flock, and the flock will take care of you.' What does it mean? I'm not quite sure. But in part it's a reaction to the idea of solving all of one's financial problems with off-farm jobs, money-making schemes, and purchasing various high-priced stock, equipment or feeds to make your flock profitable.

Your flock--- the sheep you've got now--- have the potential to support you if you support them. At least, that's my hope.

So that's what I will be writing about on this blog. I hope someone enjoys it!

One thing I'm going to be doing to create a better blog is to create some good blogrolls. All of the blogs will be related to sheep farming or farming in general. Today's addition to the blogrolls is Allan Savory's blog. Allan Savory is the editor of the Stockman Grass Farmer magazine, a good magazine about intensive rotational grazing.

A previous addition to the blogroll is 'Redbud Lane Shetland Sheep'. This is a Shetland sheep farm in Missouri. Right now they have a lot of wether (neutered) ram lambs for sale, check them out here.

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